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Learn about our Help Documentation in 7 minutes.

About the Core Documentation

Our Core Documentation is an objective approach to explaining everything about our system.  There are guides and walk-through documents elsewhere (in fact you probably passed a few on the way in) and they all link to this set of articles in one way or another, but the articles found within are not strictly and exclusively a part of those references.  Since the Core Documentation tries to be as complete, thorough, and robust as possible, please understand that not everything you see within will apply to you or your organization.  We'll try to make what does and does not apply to you clear along the way.

For the most part, there are two types of articles: Topical Articles, which try to explain an idea, and Interface Articles, which try to explain each part of what you see on the screen.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Find specialized articles based on support ticket repetition reported by our support staff in our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section of the documentation.  These articles are intended to assist our users with shared issues.  We at C2C strive to produce the most user friendly software available and most of the issues reported within this page will be permanently addressed through future feature updates and/or modifications.

What is an Interface?



Interface  n. - A set of commands or menus through which a user communicates with a program. An interface allows users to select command choices from various menus displayed on the screen.


Example:  The 'Welcome' Interface 

As you move through the various commands of any given interface, you will gain access to other interfaces with which you can perform some task.  We are tirelessly working to document every interface you can encounter within the C2C environment in the Appendix B: Interface Articles section of the help documentation.

Understanding Interface Articles

Interface articles are organized by the Interface Heading which is the top most and usually the largest text on an interface.  When trying to find information about an interface be sure to take notice of the interface heading so that you can find the related article as quickly as possible.  All our Interface Articles can be found in Appendix B: Interface Articles, which you can also locate by Using the Left Panel.

Using the Screenshots

Many screenshots have been reduced in size to assist with the flow of the documentation.  Click a screenshot to view the file in its original size.  



When an article is exported in PDF or Word format, the screenshots will be returned to their original size.


Alternate Document Flavors (PDF and Word)

All articles in our help system can be exported to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format where you can then print the article to paper or save the file to your computer for offline viewing.

To export to PDF, do the following:
  • Locate the Tools Menu, as shown in the image.
  • Click the Export to PDF option.
  • Follow your browser's instructions to download the file.



Using the Left Panel

The left most panel allows you to quickly browse our documents as a tree. Each section is sorted alphabetically.

You can also use the Search field at the top of the left panel to quickly search by topic, keyword, or interface heading.

  • Browse Articles Alphabetically - An alphabetic listing of all articles within the C2C Help Documentation.
  • Browse Articles by Label - An alphabetic listing of all labels associated with articles within the C2C Help Documentation.
  • Core Documentation - This is where you will find our Topical Articles.  These articles cover broad processes with links to the interface articles they reference.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - A list of articles specifically designed to meet the immediate shared challenges of our users can be found here.  
  • Guides - This section contains articles built from entire topical and interface articles, as well as videos, to provide a complete path through a portion of the C2C system.
  • Regional Articles - This section will simply attempt to organize articles that are specific only to individual regions by region, giving the user another method of finding the content he or she is searching for quickly.
  • Videos - This section contains videos that re-enforce topical or interface articles.  Videos provide additional perspective and will be hosted within the article containing the written content as well.
  • Appendix A: Glossary of Terms - This section is a glossary of terminology with reference to how terms are used within the C2C environment.
  • Appendix B: Interface Articles - The 'Big List'.  Find every interface you will encounter within the C2C environment here; alphabetically.   

Expanding a Section

 <--- Click the Icon to learn about article expansion.

Anytime you see a ">" symbol next to an article, you can click the symbol to view 'child-pages' of that group.


Clicking the Title of an Article next to the ">" expansion icon will direct you to that particular article.



Browser Compatibility

Our developers work tirelessly to insure functionality with every major Web Browser available.  Occasionally, however, we will identify an issue with a browser that will affect site functionality.  We will list browser notes, tips, and quick-fixes in the Topical Article Browser Issues located in our Core Documentation

More to Come...

We're constantly adding to and updating the articles in our Core Documentation.  Please expect additional information and tons of videos coming soon.

We need your feedback! 

Your feedback is the most important thing in the world to us.  Without your thoughtful insight we're just running around in the dark.  Please feel free to post comments, questions, or anything else in the Comments box located at the bottom of every page.

Because comments are bound to the article they're written for, please know that they are often systematically removed if the comment ceases to provide value to the article.  Likewise, inappropriate or abusive content is removed without regard to what it contributes to the discussion.  But, in all cases, we're listening... intently.

If you feel its more appropriate, you are also welcomed to send us feedback via any of our other support mechanisms, such as trouble tickets.

Welcome to C2C!


Core Documentation



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